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Effective Prescription Treatments

Addiction can be a multifaceted disease, and our experienced clinicians and therapists are well-versed in treating cross addictions such as alcohol dependency, drug addiction, gambling, eating disorders, and sex addictions, as well as addressing dual diagnosis personality disorders, such as bi-polar disorder or more complex mental health issues, which may be an underlying root cause of chemical dependency. By clearing the path to sobriety of these deep-seated issues, it’s much easier for us to help you be successful in your rehabilitation process.

Our treatment programs are abstinence-based, incorporates holistic methods with the Twelve-Step model, and your customized treatment plan will include some or all of the following:

  • A total-wellness focus that includes fitness, nutrition, and alternative pain management techniques.
  • Daily meditation and goal-setting sessions.
  • Daily 12-Step (Alcoholics Anonymous/AA, Narcotics Anonymous/NA) meetings.
  • At least five hours of daily group therapy.
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions and additional sessions as needed.
  • Weekly psychiatric and medical sessions.
  • Gym workouts, yoga sessions, and Tai Chi classes occur throughout the week, and help clean/detox your body from the residual effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Chiropractic and massage services weekly.

The well-trained staff at Lakeside Treatment Center not only has the professional knowledge and experience necessary to effectively assist you in your recovery, but more importantly, they share a welcoming, non-judgmental attitude toward the recovery process. This atmosphere – combined with cutting-edge clinical standards that far surpass industry standards – encourages effective, long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction for clients in all occupational, legal, and social situations.

We treat men and women ages 18-75 years of age with primary substance abuse/alcohol problems and also persons with secondary co-occurring mental disorders, or dual diagnosis. We treat all of our drug/alcohol rehab and dual diagnosis clients with personal attention and lots of TLC. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs have an excellent structure and support system to make sure everyone gets their individual needs met while at Lakeside’s treatment center in Florida.