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Labratory Services

The Operation PAR Laboratory includes dedicated professionals who provide quality laboratory services to the various programs and community consumers. The Laboratory is responsive to consumer needs by providing quality services at a reasonable fee. Personalized services by the professional staff provide success for our consumers. We are more than a laboratory, we are a medical resource.

The Laboratory has been operating since 1986 and is licensed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Agency for Health Care Administration for the State of Florida.

We service clients both within and outside of the agency. Specimen collections are made during business hours. Our mail-in service allows for specimens to be sent directly to the laboratory from remote sites via the United States Postal Service or UPS. The remote access and reporting capability of the Laboratory Information System (LIS) allows for direct access into the LIS for inquiry, order entry, or reporting. Additionally, the laboratory has on-line reporting capability.

Our goal is to service our clients by analyzing and reporting results within 48 hours of receipt of the specimen. STAT specimen analysis is completed within four hours with preliminary reports available within two hours of receipt.

The professional staff also provides training for any program by request. They are also available to answer any questions regarding specimen requirements, testing requirements, policies & procedures, result inquiry as well as technical information.   Client Services can be reached at (727)538-7227 or e-mail your request to

New Technology

Operation PAR’s Laboratory now offers Intercept ( Oral Fluid Testing.  OraSure Technologies is a medical diagnostics company with a focus on the oral fluid, point-of care market. OraSure products are significantly improving the way testing is and will be conducted by using oral fluid samples that return accurate results in a matter of minutes.

Building upon their four-platform technologies, OraSure Technologies provides a growing number of diagnostic capabilities — such as tests for HIV and drugs of abuse — to a variety of markets in the United States and internationally.  OraSure Technologies develops, manufactures and markets medical devices and diagnostic products for use by insurance companies, public health agencies, clinical laboratories, physicians’ offices, workplace sites, and criminal justice and drug rehabilitation agencies.

For more information about the technology or for more information about how to take advantage of Orasure Oral Fluid Testing, contact (727) 538-7227

Services Offered

  • Certified Laboratory Testing  – automated analysis
  • Multiple Classes Drugs Analyzed (incl.AClub Drugs@)
  • Remote Information System Access &  Reporting     
  • On Site Specimen Collection  
  • On Site Screening Testing 
  • Random / For Cause Testing
  • Customized Reporting of Results
  • Consultation Service with toxicologist
  • Immediate notification for noncompliance
  • Training/ Education Courses
  • Convenient Specimen Collection-Mailers
  • Additional Testing Available